Transfer Agreements Cal State

Transfer Agreements Cal State: A Comprehensive Guide

Transferring from a community college to a California State University (Cal State) can be a challenging and daunting process for many students. However, transfer agreements between institutions can make the transition smoother and more accessible. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to transfer agreements within the Cal State system.

What are Transfer Agreements?

A transfer agreement is a formal agreement between two institutions that outlines the transfer process for students. These agreements ensure that the courses and credits taken at the community college will transfer to the Cal State institution. Transfer agreements are designed to facilitate the transfer process for students, making it easier for them to continue their education without losing credits or repeating coursework.

Transfer agreements typically include information on the following:

• The courses that will transfer to the Cal State institution.

• The credits that will be awarded for each course.

• The GPA requirements for transfer.

• The deadlines for application and submission of documents.

Transfer agreements are essential for students who want to save time and money in their education. Without these agreements, students may have to retake courses, delaying their graduation and costing them more money.

Cal State Transfer Agreements

The Cal State system offers several transfer agreements, including:

1. Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Agreement

The ADT agreement guarantees that students who earn an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) from a California Community College will be admitted into a Cal State institution with junior standing. Moreover, completing an ADT gives students priority admission consideration and the ability to complete a bachelor`s degree in two years after transfer.

2. Associate Degree Lower-Division Transfer Pattern (LDTP) Agreement

The LDTP agreement ensures that students who complete specific coursework at a California community college will be able to transfer to a Cal State institution without losing credits. The agreement outlines specific courses that students must take to fulfill lower-division general education requirements and major preparation for specific majors.

3. Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Agreement

The TAG agreement is a formal agreement between a California community college and a Cal State institution that guarantees admission to the university for students who meet specific requirements. These requirements include the completion of specific courses, GPA requirements, and the fulfillment of other requirements outlined by the university.


Transfer agreements between community colleges and Cal State institutions are essential for students who want to continue their education without losing credits or repeating coursework. These agreements outline specific courses and requirements that students must fulfill to ensure a smooth transfer process. Choosing a college with transfer agreements can make a significant impact on a student`s academic journey and future career. As a prospective transfer student, it`s essential to research the transfer agreements offered by colleges before making your final decision on where to attend.